col·lec·tive (noun)

A group of people who share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together on a specific project or projects to achieve a common objective. Collective consciousness is a term created by French social theorist Émile Durkheim that describes how an entire community comes together to share similar values.


About the Lake Austin Collective

The Lake Austin Collective is dedicated to preserving Lake Austin for generations to come. The Lake Austin Collective strives to:

  • Encourage the preservation of Austin's drinking water supply and our natural resources.
  • Promote comprehensive planning for sustainable growth within the Drinking Water Protection Zone.
  • Protect the scenic vistas and Critical Environmental Features surrounding Lake Austin.
  • Encourage more orderly, comprehensive oversight of Lake Austin and its watershed.
  • Encourage enforcement of regulations that protect the public health and safety.
  • Coordinate and represent the collective interests before various governmental agencies responsible for setting policies and zoning and permitting of development activities within the Lake Austin area.
  • Promote open government and effective public oversight of governmental actions that affect the Lake Austin area.

The following map shows the boundaries of the Lake Austin watershed.

Lake Austin watershed

If you have questions or want to be involved in the Lake Austin Collective, send email to